The best lawn commercial


It was a long week of dog walking, and caring for mini-Jake. My oven broke unfortunately so I was left to microwave food. Mini-Jake was lethargic so I heated up some dog treats and he perked right up. Then I saw the most hilarious lawn commercial. I can’t remember the brand – maybe Scott’s – where it has the little unicorn commenting on the greatness of the lawn, and that he had to rear up to admire it. But his “tiny unicorn legs” got a cramp. “Cramp! Cramp!” So damn funny!

Dogs love lawns. How many times have you seen a dog roll on its back to scratch itself in the green grass?

Many different dog breeds are loved by the people of Scotland. A few of the more popular dog breeds are the border collie, the cocker spaniel, the German Shepherd, and the Jack Russell terrier. According to AnimalCare, a pet micro-chipping registration company, the border collie is the second most popular breed among the Scottish. The most popular breed of all? The Labrador retriever.

Surprising isn’t it? The Labrador retriever is most often thought of as an American dog, but in reality it is a popular dog breed worldwide. The retriever’s good nature and retrieving capabilities make this dog breed popular in America as well.

Characteristics Of The Labrador Retriever

A full-grown adult Labrador retriever is a pretty big dog. Male dogs can weigh as much as 79 pounds, while female dogs usually top out at around 71 pounds. Despite their large size, there’s little reason to be afraid of these dogs. Labrador retrievers are typically friendly and show little aggression towards people or other pets. This is one of the characteristics that makes them so popular.

They are also very smart dogs and are easily trained to do several tasks, especially those related to hunting and retrieving. Because of their gentle nature, they are able to retrieve prey for their master and can carry it gently without harming it.

As you can see, the Labrador retriever is a popular dog breed in Scotland for a reason. It’s docile nature combined with its ability to be trained to do multiple tasks makes it an attractive breed. If you’re in the market for a new dog, consider getting one for yourself.