Can Anyone Explain The Popularity Of Dogs In Scotland To Me?

Can anyone explain the popularity of dogs in Scotland to me? I was there on vacation recently and was shocked to see them everywhere. I know a ton of dog owners back in the United States. We have two in my house ourselves, but I also know people that own cats instead or don’t own them at all. That wasn’t the case in Scotland, where not only did seem like everyone owned a dog, I almost wondered if dogs owned people. The dogs were definitely admired and well cared for.

I wasn’t too shocked to see soldiers, security personnel, and law enforcement running around with dogs. That even made me feel quite safer going through airports and other places of mass public transit. I’ve never really heard of terrorism being a problem in Scotland, but I know they have to be prepared because of what happens elsewhere in Europe. Still, with all those canines around sniffing things out, I’m not shocked Scotland has been okay so far.

I saw a few hunting parties with dogs while driving by, but I was kind of shocked to find friendly dogs in almost every family restaurant or bar that I visited with my friends. Some golf players were even accompanied by their dogs on the courses they were playing. I thought that might be a problem with dogs chasing balls or interrupting play, but that never happened.

Three things were obvious to me when I was on vacation in Scotland. One, the country is undeniably beautiful. Two, tourists should know how much alcohol they can handle and avoid wearing kilts. And three, dogs are incredibly popular to the locals who love them as much as they do family. I thought we did that in the States, but not as much as they do.