Popular Dogs in Scotland

How popular are dogs in Scotland? It’s worth noting that at nine dog breeds were born in this relatively small country. This number of dog breeds includes five distinct breeds of terriers.

A number of different factors contribute to the number of dogs that come from the Scottish people. These factors include the popularity of dogs with Scottish people as companions, the usefulness of different breeds for farming, fishing, and other tasks, and even the relative isolation of many parts of this land.

Scottish Terriers
Of course, everybody knows about the popular Scottish terrier, sometimes just called a Scottie. These small and distinctive dogs are very rugged and make loyal family companions and pretty good watchdogs. Like all terriers, they can also be useful for pest control, and that’s probably why the breed was originally developed.

It’s possible that this breed of dog dates back to the 16th Century. There is some confusion if these older documents refer to Scotties or some related terrier breed.

The Golden Retriever
Golden retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds on the planet, and they also originated in Scotland. Like other retrievers, they were originally bred as hunting dogs that were meant to fetch game after it had been felled. Because they are also friendly, intelligent, and train easily, they make good household pets.

There are also many other breeds of dogs and other domestic animals that can trace their ancestors back to Scotland originally. Other domestic animals include types of pigs, sheep, and cattle. No doubt, many of the Scottish dog breeds first arose in order to help farmers with other domesticated animal. These breeds of dogs proved that they could also become popular companion animals and pets for people who did not need them to help them with their daily chores.