How Popular Are Dogs In Scotland?

The popularity of dogs in Scotland is markedly high, and it should come as no surprise since some of the absolute most iconic breeds originate right from the depths of their beautiful planes. Just take the world famous Scottish terrier for example. With a proud and protective demeanor – and distinguished yet still wonderfully cute looks – Scotties are one of the most recognizable breeds of dogs in the whole world. It doesn’t hurt that one of the stars of Disney’s animated film “The Lady & The Tramp” was Jock, a particularly lovable Scottish terrier that has been a crowd favorite for decades now.

Even though the Scottish terrier is much beloved and a true icon for the country as a whole, it isn’t as if that is the only breed that Scottish citizens enjoy. Another popular breed in Scotland is the border collie. Revered for its intelligence, beautiful appearance, and quirky personality, the border collie is accounted for in literally thousands of Scottish homes. Their history on country side farms has followed them well into the modern age, and they make for family favorite pets that easily melt the hearts of everyone for ages to come.

Above all however, the labrador retriever is perhaps the most popular breed found in Scotland. At least 25 percent of all Scottish homes have reported owning a dog, and a large majority of those are labrador retrievers. They are much beloved for their gentle nature and almost iconic looks. When the word “dog” comes to mind, it isn’t uncommon for the first image to be that of a lab. Their earliest interaction with Scottish humans was in assisting with hunting, and their excellent noses are still put to good use today on drug enforcement raids. Barring how hard they’ll work, they make great pets that will never be forgotten in any household.