Dogs Are Very Popular In Scotland

When it comes to the popularity of dogs in Scotland, it is a very well known fact that people in Scotland love their pets. However, dogs remain the most popular pet among all households in fact, one of the surveys found that around 25% of all households in the country have a dog. In other words, more than 8.5 million households have a dog as a pet. This shows the popularity of dogs in Scotland.

As far as the popularity of particular breeds in Scotland is concerned, there is no easy way to determine this but some surveys have tried to figure out the most popular dog breeds in Scotland. These surveys have established that the most popular dog breed is Labrador retriever. These are used as sniffer dogs and for retrieving game. Law enforcement also uses the sniffer dogs for finding arms and drugs.

They have a very interesting history and are considered a good-natured and friendly companion. This is probably the reason that these dogs are one of the most liked dog breeds in Scotland. Continue reading Dogs Are Very Popular In Scotland