Top Dog Breeds Most Likely To Bite

Certain dog breeds are known for being more likely to bite humans than other dog breeds. Do you want to know what some of these breeds are? It’s a good idea because you might be interested in getting one, but you’ll want to know whether or not they are likely going to bite someone. I got into a huge online flamewar about dog breeds and biting, and I wanted to get the facts. It all started with my carpet cleaner telling me about getting bitten by a dog and now how much he hates pit bulls. With that said, here are the dog breeds most likely to bite.

Generally speaking, pitbulls are known for being aggressive by nature, therefore they are most likely to bite a human. They have been known to bite their owners too. There are many factors as to why this happens, but usually it’s because the owner is not dominant, nor are they consistent with training.

German Shepherds
German Shepherds are great dogs to own, but they are more prone to aggression than many other breeds. This is because they are extremely loyal to their owners and they tend to distrust most strangers. Not only that, but they have a fair amount of energy and naturally aggressive, so it’s important for dog owners to be dominate with them.

Rottweilers are affectionate and playful dogs, but they have gotten a bad reputation due to the stigma that they are vicious dogs. They are large dogs and they need plenty of exercise, and if they don’t, then they may become bored and over-hyper. Also, they are fiercely loyal and can sometimes come off as aggressive with strangers, who may react in a way that causes the dog to bite them. Rottweilers are one of the most dominate dog breeds out there, therefore you have to be prepared to do a lot of training if you want to get one.

Other dog breeds that are most likely to bite include Doberman Pinschers, Great Danes and Siberian Huskies. There are a few other breeds, but those are the top ones. If you decide to get any of these dogs, make sure to do additional research before making a final decision.

Dogs Are Very Popular In Scotland

When it comes to the popularity of dogs in Scotland, it is a very well known fact that people in Scotland love their pets. However, dogs remain the most popular pet among all households in fact, one of the surveys found that around 25% of all households in the country have a dog. In other words, more than 8.5 million households have a dog as a pet. This shows the popularity of dogs in Scotland.

As far as the popularity of particular breeds in Scotland is concerned, there is no easy way to determine this but some surveys have tried to figure out the most popular dog breeds in Scotland. These surveys have established that the most popular dog breed is Labrador retriever. These are used as sniffer dogs and for retrieving game. Law enforcement also uses the sniffer dogs for finding arms and drugs.

They have a very interesting history and are considered a good-natured and friendly companion. This is probably the reason that these dogs are one of the most liked dog breeds in Scotland. Continue reading Dogs Are Very Popular In Scotland

The best lawn commercial


It was a long week of dog walking, and caring for mini-Jake. My oven broke unfortunately so I was left to microwave food. Mini-Jake was lethargic so I heated up some dog treats and he perked right up. Then I saw the most hilarious lawn commercial. I can’t remember the brand – maybe Scott’s – where it has the little unicorn commenting on the greatness of the lawn, and that he had to rear up to admire it. But his “tiny unicorn legs” got a cramp. “Cramp! Cramp!” So damn funny!

Dogs love lawns. How many times have you seen a dog roll on its back to scratch itself in the green grass?

Many different dog breeds are loved by the people of Scotland. A few of the more popular dog breeds are the border collie, the cocker spaniel, the German Shepherd, and the Jack Russell terrier. According to AnimalCare, a pet micro-chipping registration company, the border collie is the second most popular breed among the Scottish. The most popular breed of all? The Labrador retriever.

Surprising isn’t it? The Labrador retriever is most often thought of as an American dog, but in reality it is a popular dog breed worldwide. The retriever’s good nature and retrieving capabilities make this dog breed popular in America as well.

Characteristics Of The Labrador Retriever

A full-grown adult Labrador retriever is a pretty big dog. Male dogs can weigh as much as 79 pounds, while female dogs usually top out at around 71 pounds. Despite their large size, there’s little reason to be afraid of these dogs. Labrador retrievers are typically friendly and show little aggression towards people or other pets. This is one of the characteristics that makes them so popular. Continue reading The best lawn commercial

Can Anyone Explain The Popularity Of Dogs In Scotland To Me?

Can anyone explain the popularity of dogs in Scotland to me? I was there on vacation recently and was shocked to see them everywhere. I know a ton of dog owners back in the United States. We have two in my house ourselves, but I also know people that own cats instead or don’t own them at all. That wasn’t the case in Scotland, where not only did seem like everyone owned a dog, I almost wondered if dogs owned people. The dogs were definitely admired and well cared for.

I wasn’t too shocked to see soldiers, security personnel, and law enforcement running around with dogs. That even made me feel quite safer going through airports and other places of mass public transit. I’ve never really heard of terrorism being a problem in Scotland, but I know they have to be prepared because of what happens elsewhere in Europe. Still, with all those canines around sniffing things out, I’m not shocked Scotland has been okay so far. Continue reading Can Anyone Explain The Popularity Of Dogs In Scotland To Me?

Popular Dogs in Scotland

How popular are dogs in Scotland? It’s worth noting that at nine dog breeds were born in this relatively small country. This number of dog breeds includes five distinct breeds of terriers.

A number of different factors contribute to the number of dogs that come from the Scottish people. These factors include the popularity of dogs with Scottish people as companions, the usefulness of different breeds for farming, fishing, and other tasks, and even the relative isolation of many parts of this land.

Scottish Terriers
Of course, everybody knows about the popular Scottish terrier, sometimes just called a Scottie. These small and distinctive dogs are very rugged and make loyal family companions and pretty good watchdogs. Like all terriers, they can also be useful for pest control, and that’s probably why the breed was originally developed.

It’s possible that this breed of dog dates back to the 16th Century. There is some confusion if these older documents refer to Scotties or some related terrier breed.

The Golden Retriever
Golden retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds on the planet, and they also originated in Scotland. Like other retrievers, Continue reading Popular Dogs in Scotland

How Popular Are Dogs In Scotland?

The popularity of dogs in Scotland is markedly high, and it should come as no surprise since some of the absolute most iconic breeds originate right from the depths of their beautiful planes. Just take the world famous Scottish terrier for example. With a proud and protective demeanor – and distinguished yet still wonderfully cute looks – Scotties are one of the most recognizable breeds of dogs in the whole world. It doesn’t hurt that one of the stars of Disney’s animated film “The Lady & The Tramp” was Jock, a particularly lovable Scottish terrier that has been a crowd favorite for decades now.

Even though the Scottish terrier is much beloved and a true icon for the country as a whole, it isn’t as if that is the only breed that Scottish citizens enjoy. Another popular breed in Scotland is the border collie. Revered for its intelligence, beautiful appearance, and quirky personality, the border collie is accounted for in literally thousands of Scottish homes. Their history on country side farms has followed them well into the modern age, and they make for family favorite pets that easily melt the hearts of everyone for ages to come.

Above all however, the labrador retriever is perhaps the most popular breed found in Scotland. At least 25 percent of all Scottish homes have reported owning a dog, and a large majority of those are labrador retrievers. They are much beloved for their gentle nature and almost iconic looks. When the word “dog” comes to mind, it isn’t uncommon for the first image to be that of a lab. Their earliest interaction with Scottish humans was in assisting with hunting, and their excellent noses are still put to good use today on drug enforcement raids. Barring how hard they’ll work, they make great pets that will never be forgotten in any household.

RIP Jake

Hello all, and thanks for stopping by. This blog is about dogs in Scotland. Since my Scottish Terrier was from Scotland, I figured i would write a tribute to my lost dog Jake. Jake was kind of the ultimate dog, and the ultimate friend. I wanted to write about him to help my grief, and to channel the sadness into something positive. So thanks for visiting. Jake would have liked you…